Central Iowa NWA Interactive Radar/Warning Workshop
WarnGEN Installation Instructions

Thank you for volunteering your laptop for use at this year's Interactive Radar/Warning workshop. Please follow the instructions below. If you should have any problems, please email the webmaster (flory@iastate.edu) for assistance. Thanks!!!

1. Download the following setup executable file (save it where you want):

2. Open WarnGENv1.5.3_Setup.exe and follow/accept the default setup instructions. Note: Make sure to the installation path is "C:\WarnGEN".

  • You should be able to see the following after the setup completes:
    • Desktop Icon:
      Start-Menu Folder:

3. Open GRAnalyst. Note: If you have the trial version and your time has expired, an extension key will be provided at the workshop.

4. Open WarnGEN v1.5 (using either the Desktop icon or Start-Menu folder - see step #2).

  • You will see the following window appear (choose LAN for your connection type at the conference, WAN otherwise):

  • Then, you will see the following window appear (copy and paste these into your placefile manager, then press OK):

5. The main program should open and look like this:

  • At the conference, you will want to choose a group name. Note: The name you choose should be one word with no special characters (e.g., %$#@). Press the "Set New" button. If the program should quit at any time while you are issuing warnings, upon re-opening the program, choose the "Use Current" button.

Skip #6 for now! We'll set this up at the conference!

6. In GR, go to "File" -> "Configure Polling"

  • Add the following polling address to your list:
  • For now, move this polling address to the bottom of your list - you will move this to the top at the workshop.

7. Start playing with the software.

  • As you play around with the software, you should see vertices and/or polygons appear in GR.
  • Please refer to the help tab in the program to learn how to use the software.
  • I would also encourage you to watch the following video:

Conference News

2023 Conference Date

March 23 - March 25, 2023